In 2000, with approach to reduce nosocomial infections, the company acted to establish new production line for producing disposable hospital dressing, made of nonwoven materials.


Board of Directors

Dr. Hassan Jamshidian
Dr. Hassan JamshidianChief of the Board
Abdolsamad Jafari
Abdolsamad Jafari Vice Chairman
Expert of Rehabilitation science
Dr. Abolfazl Kasa'e
Dr. Abolfazl Kasa'eMember of the Board
Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic

Saeid Karimipour
Managing Director

Aviation management

Mohammad Javad Astaraki
Plant manager

Textile engineer
TA in university

About MediPOL

Teb & Polymer Company was established in March, 1997 under the name of Roshanrad, with designing and manufacturing the Adult resuscitator, with the brand “Iran Ehya” which was the first Iranian resuscitator certified by Ministry of Health.

In the continuation of the pathway, by manufacturing the resuscitators for Children and Children and Infants, The mediPOL could present a full range of resuscitators into the market.

In order to expand its activities, in the interval of years from 1997-2001 produced the other plastic items such, Guedel Airways (disposable and reusable), Silicone Face Mask, Nasal Silicone Tampon , Nasal Silicone Tampon , Silicone Buckle, Ophthalmic Silicone Block , Drug Glass Caps, … to afford a wider range of the hospitals and medical centers requirements.

In worth to mention that, Teb & Polymer has been able to produce all its products with highest quality in competition with the European products. This aroused from employing the specialized technicians with technical knowledge and skills in design & manufacturing. This effort has led it to gain the certificates of confirmation from the legal origins such as Ministry of Healths.

In order to pay attention for decreasing the spreading of hospital infections, the medipol, in year 2000, acted to establish the new production line for the disposable hospital dressing, made of non-woven materials.

In the interval of 2000-2007, by possessing the high-tech equipment and employing the skilled and educated technicians has succeeded to be a well known producer of the medical supplies specifically in the field of disposable operation sets and surgical wears, approved by Iranian Ministry of Health and is the member if association of Medical, Dental & Lab equipment Manufacturers (AMEDAL).

At present, mediPOL has 25 agent companies in the country, and has a vast interconnection with the majority of the hospitals and medical centers in Iran. Also, this company has exported its products to some countries, as UAE, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, and Middle Asian Countries. In may 2005 the company has changed it’s name from Roshanrad to the Teb & Polymer, and registered the “mediPOL” as the trade mark for its products.

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  • ALLEGAOTO N. 0633.2020-1 ANNEX N.
  • ALLEGAOTO N. 0633.2020-2 ANNEX N.
  • ISO 14001:2015
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  • CERTTIFICATE N. 0633.2020
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  • Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices