Teb & Polimer Products


General surgery

This pack consists of various sheets for patients and equipment which provides a proper cover system, normally in general operations. The main drape has fenestration with adhesive tape. Usage: general surgeries



This set is a simple Angiography set including main drape with two fenestrations and incision tape. Usage: Angiography This set consists of fenestrated By Pass drape with incision film and U-drape and a full range of [...]



This set is a full components set with a total covering in legs area applied for gynecological operations. The main drape has liquid pouch and adhesive fenestration. Usage: Gynecological operation. (Conisation, Cerclage, Cystoscopy) This set [...]



This is a fluent set with enough components includes main drape with fenestration and incision film and liquid collection pouch. Usage: ophthalmology operation like Cataract. This set consists of complete range of components is designed for [...]



This set consists of enough components in order to provide a suitable cover system for neurosurgery operations. The main drape includes integrated incision lm on the fenestration are and liquid collection pouch. Usage: General Neurosurgery